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Our range of machine-proifled log houses offer beauty and practicality in equal measure.


Log Houses

Machine profiled

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4 bedrooms

Kuusamo - 4 bedrooms

Kuusamo log house Kuusamo plans

3 - 4 bedrooms

Teisko - 3-4 bedrooms

Teisko log house Teisko plans Teisko log house Teisko plans

Punakettu - 3-4 bedrooms

Punakettu log house Punakettu log house

Paivanpaiste - 3-4 bedrooms

Paivanpaiste log house Paivanpaiste plans

Hannunmaja - 3-4 bedrooms

Hannunmaja log house Hannunmaja plans

3 bedroom

Tuomenkukka - 3 bedrooms

Tuomenkikka log house Tuomenkukka plans

Suurnalle - 3 bedroom

Suurnalle log house Suurnalle plans

2 - 3 bedroom

Hannunmaja - 2-3 bedrooms

Hannunmaja log house Hannunmaja plans

Oulanka - 2-3 bedrooms

Oulanka log house Oulanka plans

2 bedrooms

Isonalle - 2 bedrooms

Isonalle log house Isonalle plans

Kalasääski - 2 bedrooms

Kalasaaski log house Kalasaaski plans

1 - 2 bedrooms

Upponalle - 1-2 bedrooms

Upponalle log house Upponalle plans

Tammela - 1-2 bedrooms

Tammela log house Tammela plans

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